1995, France Yuze Biota Gene International Holding Co., Ltd. was established;
1998, France Yuze Biota Gene International Holding Co., Ltd. formally signed a cooperative agreement with the France LADY Medical Beauty Research Center, implementing the operation of the Karlanay brand in China in an all-round way;


  • Vision:Example
    To become a large comprehensive corporate group and a yardstick enterprise in the Chinese cosmetic industry ...
  • Missions£º
    Devoted to the beauty business with great endeavor
  • Value
    Partner, faith, achievement, value and responsibility
    Always on the side of the customers;
  • Corporate spirits
    Self-motivated, open-minded, practical and innovative, faithful and devoted
    Self-motivated: to challenge oneself, overcome oneself, and...
  • Operational philosophy
    Business-orientation, faithful cooperation, joint development and helpful coexistence
  • Management philosophy
    ¡°Flattened¡± management
    Every staff has one and will only be subordinate to one superior;
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